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Welcome to Budget Green Hotels & Tours San Jose Costa Rica.
We offer two hotel hostel ideal for backpacker and budget travelers in the middle of the action, near to almost all the bus stations to travel around the country and outside (Panama, Nicaragua). You will find banks, malls, museums, casinos, sportbooks, theaters ..

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Our hotels could be your base for first and last night and transit around the country. We offer you security box, luggage store, laundry sevice, pick up airport, free tourist information, tours, rent a car. We are so friendly, you can be sure we will always try to do our best for your comfort in our hotels.

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North Guanacaste harbors an important portion of the costa rican cultural and natural patrimony. Not in vain there is a significant number of protected areas, including coastal, mountainous, terrestrial, and aquatic ecosystems, where life develops with exuberance.

It is situated in the northern part of the country, and covers the pacific coast of Costa Rica, since the limit with Nicaragua to Punta Cerritos, located 22 km. west from de city of Santa Cruz. It covers an extension of approximately 100 km. of the Pacific Coast. In the past, this region has had its natural vocation in the cattle raising and in the agriculture. Currently, nevertheless, the incomparable beauty of its landscapes, that go from the tropical dry forest to the forest montano low and its hot climate, as well as its fertile nature, have done of Guanacaste one of the most concurred places by the local and international tourism.

Besides an important backup in the Pole of Tourist Development of the Papagayo Gulf, there is the Daniel Oduber International, where a large quantity of flights arrives charter and regular flights from the United States. North Guanacaste has two main tourist centers that are Liberia (central of stopover distribution, scale and excursion) and Santa Cruz, and three other tourist centers: El Coco, Tamarindo and Flamingo. The landscape of the coast is exceptional. There are beaches of white sands and a peaceful sea qualified by intense blue, especially the ones located inside Papagayo Gulf (Nacascolo, Virador, Iguanita and Panama). It is one of the regions of greater development, based on hotels of high investment with potentiality of direct demand.

ACTIVITIES The possible tourist activities to develop are diverse; they can relate to the vacation, the health, the culture, adventure and nature thus with recreational and sports aspects.

HORSEBACK RIDING A pastoral region, Guanacaste offers this activity in coastal areas and in the mountains and their communities. Horseback-riding tours are available through tourism operators or family-owned farms that rent horses.

HIKING There is no end to the diversity of hiking options available for observing various natural, historical, architectural, cultural, religious and commercial attractions.

RECREATIONAL CYCLING The region offers a variety of picturesque roads and adventure or leisure sites that allow touring on regular or mountain bikes. Beaches and mountains are among the most interesting riding destinations.

ARCHITECTURAL AND HISTORIC SITES There are sites and buildings of architectural or historic interest and National Monuments that are considered must-see places, mainly in Abangares, Bagaces, CaÑas, Liberia, Santa Cruz and Nicoya.

CUISINE Typical towns are characterized by sodas (small restaurants serving local food), cafes and restaurants where visitors can sample the cuisine of Guanacaste. Cañas, Tilaran, Liberia and mainly Santa Cruz stand out as communities with traditions in typical food and drink.

BIRD-WATCHING Bird-watching is possible mainly in protected areas. Many sites offer the opportunity to get with the birds, with Palo Verde, Cura, Isla Bolaños and Tenorio among the biggest.

TREETOP ADVENTURES There are several options for visitors to observe the goings-on in the forest canopy, including various monkey and bird species.

PHOTOGRAPHY This is a most popular tourist activity owing to Guanacaste climatic conditions and wealth of flora and fauna, as well as its varied natural, cultural and architectural landscapes.

DIVING This adventure or recreational activity is becoming more and more popular in Guanacaste, thanks to its excellent dive sites and the specialized companies that normally offer services abroad. Important sites include the Gulf of Papagayo and the Santa Catalina islands.

SHOPPING FOR HANDICRAFTS The handicrafts of Guaitil de Santa Cruz and San Vicente de Nicoya are made of pure clay using the traditional and ancient techniques of the Chorotega indigenous group. Ornaments, urns, flowerpots, vases, plates, decorative whistles and other figures are fashioned and may be bought for their fine finish and interest in several parts of Guanacaste. Visitors can also acquire other kinds of handicrafts fashioned out of caro (a kind of gourd) or the thipa plant, from which various paper products are made.

SPORT-FISHING This is one of the Northern Pacific region main attractions. Artisan and recreational fishing are possible, but of greater interest are the tournaments in which several world billfish records have been broken. The fish are returned to the water after weigh-in.



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